Thursday, February 24, 2011

Corned Beef (much better than corn fed beef)

I missed the bacon challenge last week. Between driving to DC, planning a trip to SC, and searching for an apartment in Annapolis, I've just been to busy to find pork belly. I'll try to make up for it this month.
I want to let everyone know that I fully intend to make corned beef. Probably 2 versions. One for the kosher deli style sandwiches which my Jewish Heritage demands of me, and one for the Irish in my life.

I feel that pickled okra may be in the works to go with deli sandwiches. I hate cucumber, but you've got to have pickle with a deli sandwich, and I'll be in SC this week so I have the perfect opportunity to pick up some fresh okra. Maybe I'll even attempt to make rye bread. Or maybe that's too ambitious.

I am thinking the corned beef with some ham hock infused sauerkraut and a turnip, potato, sweet potato mash. I'll turned the leftover mash into a hash with some sautéed kale, a roasted leek cream sauce and some pieces of smoked hock. Man All of these ideas are just spewing out if my head. I'm not even hungry right now, clearly my recent trip to Asheville has gotten my saliva, er, creative juices flowing.

Ok I dont want to promise too much food or effort and not deliver so just wait to see how capable I am.

With all the food I'll have to turn to mash into hash, then throw a St. Party's day bash. :D
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